Warning as One Direction fan’s head explodes at sold-out show

Concert promoter MCD issued cautionary “do not let your head explode” messages via Twitter and Facebook following an incident at last night’s concert, in which an over-zealous fan’s head blew apart like a melon stuffed with Semtex when she saw the baby-faced Harry Styles in action.

One Direction play another sold out show tonight at Dublin’s 02 Theatre (formerly The Point Depot). The show consists of one hour of dancing and play-acting followed by an hour of questions to the band posed on Twitter by eager fans. The questions ranged from what type of pyjamas Zayn wears & Niall’s favourite type of soup to what type of chair Harry likes to sit on best when he’s at home.

Harry Styles One Direction

Luving ur hair Harry ur my man 1D 4evs

Hary wat typ of shu doo ya ware on a nyt out OMG love u u ar so da 1 4 me 1 drctn ” tweeted Textia O’Riley (14) from Monaghan. “He’s so the one!!” she screamed as her question was answered, her head visibly increasing in mass.

One unlucky fan lost her composure however and unfortunately ended up exploding her own head all over herself and others.

“She was screaming and roaring and going mental” says Bill Trodden of ThugChoke Security, whose team was monitoring the front rows. “When that Harry lad came on, I noticed her head beginning to increase in size due to the pressure build-up of steam and tension” he added.

“Two of my assistants tried to get to her through the melee but unfortunately, as they were arriving, a member of One Direction did a sort of shrug followed by a wink and smile which caused her head to totally explode everywhere, spraying flesh and steam and eyeballs and stuff across a 10-foot radius”

“It was unfortunate – and what’s more she got brains and hair all over the pricy merchandise stall – the cleaning cost for which could technically come out of our teams’ fee!” he said angrily.

“But I’ll take that up with the headless girl’s parents when I drop her gore-soaked carcass off at their door later in my battered Corrolla estate” he added, somewhat needlessly