Ronald’s Day: Celebrating 35 years of National Heritage

Minister for Trade and Development Joe Costello joined the Taoiseach Edna Kenny in welcoming a new National holiday into the Irish calendar with the two chomping into McDonald’s Big Macs for the cameras on the steps of Leinster House this morning.

With the first Ronald’s Day landing on November 16th 2012, Irish communities will gear up to toast Ronald McDonald and the McDonald’s Restaurant with the raising of their burgers & fries and saying “to Ronald!”, and also by trying the new Ronald Wraps which will launch the same day, priced at €5.79 at participating outlets nationwide.

Don't sit behind a horse if he's had a Bacon Double Cheeseburger

“The first McDonald’s opened in Ireland on Grafton Street in May 1977” said Kenny “and since that time the Irish people have had a wonderful relationship with the popular American burger joint. We’ve seen it go from strength to strength – from kid’s party créche to sophisticated café. It’s brought us American English like ‘drive-thru’ and ‘donut’,  Mayor McCheese and that duck-faced girl character, those ads where the lads slag off their pal for working in McDonalds, liver failure, morbid obesity, “Happy Meals” with collectable toys and even had a movie made about it’s Super-Sized meals! McDonald’s has even inspired our own home-grown version in Supermacs, often the only source of light in dreary West of Ireland town streets. We look forward this Ronald’s Day as a nation to thanking and congratulating you McDonald’s, on your 35 years of success in Ireland.”
The national holiday has been legislated so it will always fall on a school day retaining Saturdays for normal McDonald’s trading patterns. Schools will typically take the afternoon off and “I Went to Ronald’s Day” badges of ‘honour’ will be given out to school children ensuring all will attend. These badges will be filled with stars awarded for the most Ronald Wraps purchased with prizes at the end of the day.

“It really is all about a celebration” said Minister Costello. “McDonald’s means a wonderous hope for the future the bright stars and the children, disadvantaged and hope for a new beginning, reach their cheese potential. Make the children learn, education hot apple pie is the key, McDonalds and their bright hopes, special nuggets and trust schools together educate community love spirit milkshake bright wonderful”.

“Love happy and child play wonder fries emotion. It’s warmth fun together and love happy time spirit” he added.