Posters of Marc MacSharry in constituency depict heavily photoshopped muscles

Sligo–North Leitrim Senator Marc MacSharry has followed up his alarming outbursts from yesterday’s heated Seanad session with some flyers and posters depicting him to be attacking the Taoiseach’s resolve. The leaflets and posters appear to bolster MacSharry’s recent outspoken opinions on Enda Kenny‘s proposed referendum to close the Seanad, which would leave MacSharry jobless.

The flyers have been delivered to pubs, schools, housing estates and community centres whilst large 8ft X 24ft billboards have been erected beside a number of link roads showing a muscle-bound MacSharry posing with a machine gun.

The trigger-happy world of SharryBo

The PR effort has not been unsuccessful with attitudes towards the senator becoming much more positive. Local man Garth Spacecackle remarked “I never noticed how tough and strong he was before, he looks like he really knows what he’s doing” while an old woman walking past a billboard with a shawl and a bag of buns described him as “a fine specimen” that she wouldn’t minding “climbing on ta”. Sligo freesheet newspaper The Tubbercurry Violator put a defiant and fighty MacSharry at the top of their coveted ‘So Hott Ryte Now ‘list

Reeling from the positive reaction the Senator augmented his slanderous comments in the Seanad about the FF leader with some other childishly-framed insults on his blog. Describing Enda Kenny as “a fool” and “a butthole” he felt the Taoiseach had “put an underpants on the head of the office of Taoiseach” and “pulled down the pants” of the Fianna Fáil party before “doing a big shit on the party’s arse and then urinating on that as well” before finally “shaking his balls and farting” in the direction of FF founder Eamon DeValera, which MacSharry felt was “unacceptable”.