Paddy Power records massive profits thanks to excellent value and service

Ubiquitous Irish betting giant Paddy Power Bookmakers have recorded a sizable 21% rise in profits for June 2012. The success of the bookmakers is thought to be down to a combination of excellent quality of service coupled with a consumer-based focus and helpful staff and bargain promotions.

Patrick Kennedy (CEO of Paddy Power Plc) said that the first half of 2012 was “very strong”. He said that revenue had increased 29% and that each of the company’s divisions had achieved double digit growth. “We’re doing great, you can beton that” he laughed, throwing a bunch of €50 euro notes into the air as some photographers snapped away at him.

It's fine, you're grand

“The only reason for an absolutely colossal increase in gambling during a grinding recession – where people have lost everything and have to resort to eating their own pet dog – can be our excellent service. There’s simply no other explanation” said Kennedy.

In the past, critics often viewed the company’s Gestapo-esque chokehold on Irish print and online media as a possible sales advantage, with lightly-toned articles about humorous and wacky betting odds given by Paddy Power often making the front page coupled with a something like a picture of a man in a leperachaun beard raising a pint.

“Betting is part of Irish culture. Whether you’re betting €5 on the World Cup in Paddy Powers, throwing a couple of quid down at the dog track or maybe gambling your nephew’s inhaler money on a couple of starved rats fighting in a hole to pay your booze bill before a large Lithuanian crushes your fingers with a hammer – it’s all part of our great heritage” said Kennedy as he lit a large cigar from a flaming chequebook.

Online betting, particularly on mobile devices, continues to grow from strength to strength, recording an increase of 41% in active customers. Operating profit in Ireland increased 79% to €9m.

But there is good news – Paddy Power have generously donated a €1 bet to anyone who reads this article – just redeem at any outlet using the code “GAMBLEFREE06667”. Only available on spends of over €1000. Over 18s