Paddy Power gives Game of Thrones odds on Maura Derrane iPad Race with thanks to Lucozade in aid of Sport research for the blind

Paddy Power's Lucozade's Mara Derrane's Return to Energia

Paddy Power is set to launch an exciting new Game of Thrones-themed betting app which sees Maura Derrane compete in a series of virtual trials to celebrate the news that Lucozade have announced the launch of two new iPads from Apple today which marks the beginning of a tech arms race in the run-up to Christmas in aid of sports research for the visually imparified.

A new 10-inch iPad is expected to be slimmer and more powerful than the current standard iPad model, with a PC-grade chip tipped for the updated device which will be tested to it’s limits by a new app launched by Paddy Power betting agency which features telly babe Maura Derrane tackling a host of brain and brawn-busting Game of Thrones-style virtual challenges in order to reach a Lucozade-based world of responsible betting and energy restoration in support of sport research for the blind.

TV’s Maura Derrane says she’s really looking forward to the Winter’s viewing on TV3 and hopes her app-earance will get viewers excited about the upcoming schedule:

“I’m really happy that Paddy Power “took a gamble” on me and hope I can use the new iPad mini to beat electrolyte replacement and energy loss using it’s stronger chip performance which will hopefully prove to “keep going 33% longer” so I can strike a broadsword-blow for sport research for the blind”

“With thanks to Paddy Power, Lucozade and Apple” she added.

“And Game of Thrones?…no sorry just the other three, er the first three” she added again.

“Look, just ask them altogether – I’m typing this on my phone from inside the toilet of a bus” she again added, again.

With thanks to Paddy Power

Apple is also said to be preparing a new cover case with a built-in keyboard, targeting those who want to replace their laptops with a tablet – and this will feature in the app launched by Paddy Power which will prove to be an entertaining way to help the sport research facilities of the Irish visually impaired while also boosting our Game of Thrones-based trivia and skill while learning about responsible betting in a healthy way while also re-hydrating with the right amount of glucose and energy for our active daily lives with thanks to Apple iPad mini.

Meanwhile, the technology giant Apple may introduce a new high-resolution ‘Retina’ screen on its 8-inch iPad Mini line of tablets, which are now outselling the larger 10-inch models in Ireland. These will certainly help users looking to increase their hand-eye-coordination if they’re attempting to guide TV3’s Maura Derrane through the treacherous Westeros and Essos landscape in the new app to escape the evil Thirsto and his mighty Dehydraosaurs in order to reach the Kingdom of Glucastle with thanks to Paddy Power and Lucozade.

The tablets are likely to go on sale in Ireland early next month, with an expected sale price of around €350 for the updated iPad mini and €500 for the larger model, with Paddy Power giving odds of 14-2 that the iPad mini – which features the Game of Thrones-themed Paddy Power’s Return to Energia with Maura Derrane app – will outsell all other similar devices in aid of people in need of sport facilities with compromised vision, and are giving anyone who purchases the app a free bet on with thanks to Lucozade who keep you going 33% longer than other energy drink providers and Game of Thrones and Maura Derrane and TV3.