‘No’ campaign unleashes Brunker in foot-shooting powerplay

The run-up to the vote on the European Fiscal (“Stability”) Treaty heated up today as the loudmouthed ‘No’ campaign rolled out “author” and “celebrity” Amanda Brunker to help spread the message.

“As a mum and celebrity, I was delighted to be asked to muck in with the ‘No’ campaign with whom I’m in total agreement” said mum and celebrity Brunker. “As a mum, I think it’s important to stand up for your beliefs and not let these bankers or whatever walk all over us!” splurged Brunker. “It’s about resposibility, and as a mother I’m in support of that”. Brunker went on to say that, as a mother and author, her time is often compromised and if “the banks and government and the likes” want to force her and “mums around the country” to go to the polls they’ll have to “sweeten the deal”. “How about something for the mothers out there!’ said Brunker, her mouth constantly open. “I’m writing a novel involving the Treaty, based on a character I’ve created who lives in Dublin. She’s a sexy, sassy, big-breasted journalist mum of three and she’s just trying to get on with it as a sexy mum and author/journalist in a man’s world; with work, with her fabulous nightlife and with the European Fiscal Treaty. It’s called ‘Champagne Treaty Nights'”. “Who cares about the haters” she then bizarrely added, before finishing by saying that she was friends with both Bono and his wife.

“I’ve been at their gaff and everything” she then said.

Excerpt from Champagne Treaty Nights:

“Bramanda looked in the rear-view mirror as she sat in Brad’s ’12 Land Rover. Her eyes glazed…inside that beautiful skull framed with blonde tresses was a whirlwind of emotion. Where was Dave, why was he texting now? And that article in the treaty which excludes non-compliant EU members from legislative participation should they fail to ratify had been on her mind since morning. She cut a line of coke on a U2 CD which she had purchased earlier in the day and left the vehicle to search for Dave in Lillys Bordello”