New TV3 show “set to get tongues wagging”

New TV3 reality series Gypsy Socialite From Hell on Ice is set to cause a stir in the upcoming Autumn schedule thanks to a brass-necked campaign of thinly-veiled broadsheet articles and interviews masquerading as news and detailing the show’s stars, plot and viewing times.

TV3's upcoming "Maura Derrane's Boozy Teen Havoc Stripper House" reality vote-in show

In an upcoming nationwide 6-week monster PR push, TV3 press staff will release multiple statements to radio and print media to suggest that everyone in the country is going to watch their upcoming series. The ‘explosive’ reality show will feature a typical mix of suicide-inducingly ignorant brain-donors and reprehensible fame-hungry human waste.

TV3 PR chief Rozwell Butterfist tweeted yesterday that “the TV3 Autumn schedule is going to be controversial, but that’s all I can say at this time”. Butterfist then made further remarks on TodayFM‘s Ray Darcy show stating that she “couldn’t speak further on the upcoming and highly divisive show that was sure to cause a stir” but conceded that she might appear the week after on 4FM‘s morning schedule to discuss the “exciting” new show if the TV3 Facebook got a thousand ‘Likes’ that afternoon.

TV3 has been accused of laying waste to progressive societal norms and setting the course of humanity’s advancement back by thousands of years with it’s new show Dublin Housewives, which features a gaggle of insect-brained scumcreeps who celebrate their own shallowness in the style of passé New York lifestyle blockbuster Sex and the City. The show has been a roaring success, leading to a 800% increase in calls to The Samaritans over a two-week period. The National Office for Suicide Prevention has also taken on 6 additional temps in their Dublin offices to handle calls in the wake of the show’s initial broadcast.