Neigh End to Horse Meat Saga

Irish consumers were left HOARSE with shouting on Monday after get info get info amounts of HORSE MEAT were found in some burgers in Tesco or Quinnsworth get info. Burger eaters got the TROTS and GALLOPPED to the toilet to evacuate their bowels and stomachs in mind-warping disgust at the HORSELY-CREDIBLE news that HORSE MEAT was found in some beef burgers that was supposed to be beef off a cow. There was also pig in the meat but this wasn’t the MANE ingredient. Some of the people thought it was SPOOF (hoof) but they were bwronco (wrong).

Nobody's reading it anyway

Tesco quickly sent a DRESSAGE to consumers sayng “there is horse meat in our burgers be MAREFUL (like ‘careful’)”

The horse, which is different to a cow get info get info better for racing. The cow is slow and can’t be used for riding around on unless you train it hard get info beat it wear a saddle like a jockey get info possible. The horse meat was found by scientists when they tested burgers, when one scientist posed an EQUESTRIAN to the other, like “HAY, we should check those Tesco burgers to see if there is n e other type of MEET (horse meet) in them”.

One horse burger purchasing consumer, Terry Phlegm said he was reading a book on the toilet when the remains of his horse burger SHOW JUMPED out of his asshole. The book was War of the Worlds by HORSON WELLS

Spell check get info etc get milk later