Morah Ryan upset as Melanie Verwoerd mimics Gerry’s farts live on air

The estranged wife of late broadcaster Gerry Ryan is said to be “extremely distressed” by the appearance of Melanie Verwoerd on 4FM breakfast radio yesterday morning where she did a number of “frighteningly detailed and accurate” impressions of the DJ breaking wind.

"He would pass gas and we would laugh and joke, and share" says Verwoerd

“Gerry liked to blast out a really long ‘QUAAAACK’ and then do a sort of ‘one-two’ afterwards as a cheeky riposte” revealed Verwoerd, creating the farting noises with her lips and the inward-turned palms of her hands. “It was almost like Gerry was answering back; challenging his own buttocks to an argument” she mused.

“He was like that – fiery”

The former DJ’s girlfriend was on air to promote her controversial new book “When We Dance”, which has been removed from the shelves and is currently the subject of High Court order sought by businessman Dave Kavanagh, who claims to be defamed by the book.

It applies until October 24, when the court will decide whether to extend it after hearing from both sides concerning alleged defamatory material.

“We would be in bed together – naked – and he would be telling me some story about his glamorous friends. Like the time Gay Byrne and Pat Kenny and Marty Whelan all did China White cocaine with Phil Lynott and Sinead O’Connor in the back of the Late Late Show studio before Twink came in and had sex on the floor with Mark Cagney and Maebh from Bosco! And Bibi Baskin was there and she had sex with Angus MacNally and Gay Byrne videoed it and then Bishop Eamon Casey came in with a big joint of cannabis and said that there was no God and started shooting a machine gun while Gerry Adams laughed and shared a line of cocaine with Craig Doyle and Bob Geldof and Sting

“Then he did this cheeky sort of quizzical fart – ‘brrrrffftp?’ – and I though of how much I loved him deeply and foreverly” gushed Verwoerd

“From the very utmost heart of my soul for eternia” her voice beginning to quiver.

“I really hope all this controversy doesn’t make people lose sight of that. I want people to know the truth, no more, no less” she added.

The partner of the late broadcaster Gerry Ryan and her publishers will receive €30,000 for the newspaper serialisation rights to her memoir.