Madeline Mulqueen: Beautiful working model & victim of terror assault

Beautiful & talented model, actress and IT girl Madeline Mulqueen was left “in shock” after a fellow customer in a fast food restaurant punched her in the face. The hardworking and personable model was left “stunned” and “drunk” after being brutally singled-out and enpunched following an altercation in a branch of McDonald’s restaurant on Dublin’s Grafton Street.

Popular and talented Mulqueen – who was in a Rubberbandits video – said she felt “alarmed” and “bewildered” when the drunken altercation culminated in her receiving full facial contact from the velocitated fist of another girl queuing for a burger.

"I also know Callum Best personally" says Mulqueen

The attractive and respected stunner – who has just switched to a better-connected management agency and is said to be “hunting for anything she can get” – said the clenched fist collided with her cheekal and chinal areas resulting in full painage and soreness across her facial plateau which she described as “shocking”, “flabbergasting”, “astounding” and also “astonishing”

Though she vows to struggle on, Madeline admits that day-to-day life has been made difficult by the punch. The violent and savage assault has resulted in pain when reading prospective scripts and other TV work which she is being sent on a regular basis by nationwide production companies and media outlets as well as advertisers and corporate people. “Maybe my face should be out of the limelight for a while!” joked Mulqueen. “That would mean I could concentrate on any possible radio work which I may be offered!”

“But that doesn’t mean I can’t act or anything, I can do both, as well as voiceovers and ads and all sorts. Presenting. That type of thing” she added.

“I hope this doesn’t wind up in the papers!” she laughed.

“But I sort of hope it does at the same time because at the moment I’m doling on and it’s some pain in the crack”