Love-cheat Ronan in stew of abject misery as Yvonne in “great form”

YVONNE KEATING has insisted she is in “great form” as she comes to terms with the break-up of her marriage to singer, Ronan.

The former model was among a star-studded crowd yesterday as Miriam Ahern hosted her charity fashion show at Dublin’s Shelbourne Hotel.

The mother of three said “I have moved into a gigantic bouncy castle where I have parties every evening, playing games such as Twister and that velcro ball-catch thing with all my friends” she gushed. “My pals sleep over all the time – we watch videos, eat fun-size Mars bars, drink SCORE cola and listen to the latest NOW! That’s What I Call Music tapes. We dance and run around until everyone’s mum comes to collect them. I’m having a great time”.

Yvonne joked “We also sing in the mirror into a hairbrush…that must be why I look so natural with a microphone! I’ve also been practising presenting in my spare time, such as going to ad breaks and mentioning how exciting a giveaway Spa-break weekend sounds. It feels so natural!”

Rumors that Yvonne will be offered the new early-morning anchor spot on TV3’s Ireland AM have been quashed by the beautiful and high-profile former model as “Crazy! Although I would be interested if the job was offered!” she laughed. “I’ll be no trouble” she joked. “Seriously” she quipped.

“No, seriously” she added.

Meanwhile, dispicable & sickening cheating love dog-rat cheat beast Ronan was busying himself having wild and exciting sex with an endless parade of beautiful dancers but never calling them after, not even to go for coffee as pals. Diabolical Keating is now free and single and is said to be in “the pits of heartache”, splashing out on classic cars and sun holidays. A source close to the cheat says he is drowning his sorrows in local bars with his friends twice a week, staying out till all hours, laughing to hide the pain. He then allegedly mops up his cheat-tears with piles of delicious, helpful cash. He then has more no-strings sex with some models before doing some fulfilling charity work.