Limerick to be re-branded

Locked up

A planned rebranding of Limerick will change the image of the city, business leaders were told yesterday. Former Kerry group chief Denis Brosnan, who heads a Government taskforce set up to chart a new way of advancing the city, told a Limerick Chamber of Commerce breakfast briefing that the rebranding plan will take up to six years to complete.

O'Dea to be promoted vigorously for some reason

“Limerick has changed and the real change will come in the minds and attitudes of people,” said Mr Brosnan. “The time to stop knocking Limerick has come. Limerick has changed; there will now be more fundamental change and it is now up to us to pick up the mantle.”

“Limerick has changed” he added.

Mr Brosnan’s implementation group has already overseen the appointment of Conn Murray, who will head the single municipal authority which will replace the city and county councils at the 2014 local elections.

Mr Brosnan said the initiative will form part of the master plan being completed for his committee which will chart the way forward.

There will be huge and significant change but, he emphasised, it would not materialise overnight. He also stressed that, even though Limerick had changed, there may be a grace period of arbitrary late-night stabbings, drug-related shootings and widespread gang-related slaughter before “things can change”

Willie O'Dea moustache and gun masks to be a big hit at parties

As part of the revamp of Limerick’s image, the newly-appointed taskforce has set up a list of targets to be actioned over the coming 6 years, to include:

Blowing up the bus station

A ban on the wearing of shellsuit tracksuits with black brógs

A PR poster and online campaign targeting the perceived notion of Limerick youngsters as grim, violent thugs and replacing it with pictures of better-looking teenagers from America.

The sale of Willie O’Dea gun-tote masks for stag & hen nights.

“As I said, this will show the world that Limerick has changed, and it’s no longer the stab-happy craphole deathtrap people seem to think it was. It’s actually grand” said Mr Brosnan.

“F**k Frank McCourt” he added.