Katie Taylor for ‘Taoisident’

Dear The Codologist,

how wonderful it was to hear our Olympic heroine Katie Taylor blame all her success on God.  She is a real ambassador for the young people. As a former drug addict, drug dealer, alcoholic, abusive parent, wife-beater, dog shooter, vandal, arsonist, confidence trickster, pornographer, bootlegger, thief, badger baiter, school bully, sex addict, counterfeit currency producer, holocaust denier, swindler, smuggler and methamphetamine distributor I am no angel myself, but I took Jesus into my heart during a period of probation review at Mountjoy and am now a wonderful husband and father as well as a good person in all ways. If only the young people were a bit less like twitter and facebook and a bit more like myself and Katie Taylor! That’s what’s wrong with the country.

P.S. Can anyone tell me if lighting horses on fire is illegal if you only do their face? I need to know by tonight

P.P.S Thanks be to god and jesus etc

Yours Godingly

Brendan Flask, Westmeath

Dear The Codologist,

Katie Taylor is a wonderful person and the best athlete I ever seen and the best Irish woman and the best olympian ever. She’d do a better job at running the country then those gougers in the Áras! ‘Up Your Áras’ I say sometimes as a joke. Make her president of the country so she can finally sort the place out, like she sorted out her opponents! She could box those bankers! And those politicians. Give them a good puck. Go on Katie girl we are all behind you a hunderd percent.

Yours enthusiastically,

Susan O’Dirthead,



The Marvellous Katie Taylor

Dear The Codologist,

we should make a new thing which is the Premier of the Dáil and the Áras and let it be called ‘Presiseach’ or ‘Taoisedent’ and make someone good like Katie Taylor it. Or make it her, like, to be – in terms of taking on the role, you know. That is to say, make the position I now just mentioned there be enfilled (?) by Katie Taylor, the boxer. Wait, is it Boxette? Or Boxine? Maybe they’re both wrong, those terms I mean. Not the Presiseach or Taoisident terms, the other ones I mentioned, sort of later on, about 1 line ago. Well make her be it, if she wants. If you get me.  

You’ll know what I mean, just read it over a bit more and you’ll get me. What I mean, like.



Paula, Dublin


Dear The Codologist, 

if the GOVERNMENT could pull their heads out of their ARSES and look at the inspiration of KATIE TAYLOR then maybe all these shootings and the job losses might health service. Paedophile priests, don’t get me started. 

I’m sick to death of it, it’s a joke and the tv license fucking Ryan Tubridy. These nigerians. We need to look after our own first the IMF Tallafornia car tax. Come on everyone. Wake up


Martin Spasm,