Fine Gael accused of scaring electorate into voting “YES”

The Fine Gael/Labour government has been accused of scarefrightening, threat-mongering and otherwise creating an air of intense paranoia in regard to the newly passed Fiscal “Stability” treaty which was carried by approximately 60/40% at the weekend. Edna Kenny refuted the allegations, describing them as “bunkum” and “old guff” before handing over to Eamon Gilmore who was so hurt and appalled by the suggestions that he used an old-style hand fan to cool himself as he gave blustered indignantly to the surrounding journalists.

The government have been heavily criticized in the media for many aspects of their handling of the Vote Yes campaign, including:

  • Taoiseach Edna Kenny refusing to participate in any televised debates & cessating the production of his weekly vlog Dáil Nights
  • Placing rapidly-spoken subliminal radio messages on RTÉ radio between idents and adverts including “Gerry Adams is a donkey“, “Vote yes  to haul ass” and “It’s about recovery
  • The nationwide distribution of “practice” polling cards to mop-up the more inexperienced and naive voters with aggressive and suggestively-scripted voting options

Now that the treaty has passed, the government is charged with the task of getting a better finance deal for mortgage debt, as well as delivering on the usual array of nonsense promises made before polling day. Kenny today stated that he was “optimistic-ish” about his chances of streamlining financial arrangements in our favour but said that “we shouldn’t get our hopes up”, or “expect miracles”. He also said that Rome “wasn’t built in a day” and that we shouldn’t “look a gift horse in the mouth”. Looking slightly bewildered, he then went on to say that we “shouldn’t count our chickens before they are hatched”, we should “live and let live” and that empty cans made “the most noise”.

“It’s about recovery”, he added.