Colm Keaveney regrets nepotism as wife demands office repainting and new curtains

LABOUR chairman Colm Keaveney today defended his decision to appoint his wife to a €52,000 job, insisting: “I haven’t broken any law”.

Aside from the obvious increase in household income from the new second salary, Keaveny cited the many wife-based perks – such as dealing with Bórd Gais down the phone and ironing – as the main reasons for the hire

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“I hate talking to those gas people, the wife is much better at it, she does her cross face and waves the bill around when she talks to them. She’s excellent at it. Whenever I do it I just end up swearing and walking off down town to chill out and buy a box of fags.”

The Galway East TD said he had not breached any party guidelines by appointing his wife, Deirdre Moran, to the post of parliamentary assistant two weeks ago.

However, he announced today that the appointment had actually only been temporary in nature and he would be opening the position up to applications in the coming weeks.

“It is a temporary arrangement until I backfill the position that has been vacated,” he told local radio station Galway Bay fm this morning.

“That’s right…’backfill‘” he reiterated.

“I thought that having the wife around all the time would be handy, you know for making tea and fetching you a roll from Quiznos. But she’s starting to complain that I don’t give out more to James Reilly about health cuts or whatever and she keeps nagging me about the office curtains, saying they’re ‘drab’.”

“It’s more the way she just keeps banging on about it.” he added. “And saying the word ‘drab'”

“It’s really annoying” he also said.