Celebrity man and woman to stay in hotel with thanks to Jury’s Inn

Celebrity man Brian Ormond and his wife Pippa O’Connor were thrilled to announce their staying in a hotel this coming weekend, thanks to Jury’s of Dublin and O’Brien’s Discount Electrical.

No idea either

“We’re very excited to be staying at the new Jury’s Inn on Parnell St, which boasts over 100 suites and a full-sized pool” said Brian. “We have a lot planned for the evening, such as sampling their fine selection of good food and drink, before perhaps going shopping the next day. I’m looking for some electrical goods. Jury’s is located in the centre of everything so bringing items such as toasters or keenly priced microwaves back in one piece is no hassle. I just hope I’m able to carry everything home, such are the low prices I’m likely to encounter! Thanks to O’Brien’s Discount Electrical, where prices bend over.”
Turning to the celebrity man’s wife, celebrity woman Pippa O’Connor, she joked “Being an attractive woman, my main concern is ‘can fit my large selection of outfits and shoes into the room?’ – but with luxurious and spacious wardrobes in every Jury’s Inn suite, I’m sure there’ll be no issue! At least until my husband Brian Ormond brings home the low-priced electrical goods he’s likely to purchase with thanks to O’Brien’s Discount Electrical!” she said, laughing hysterically.
Ormond and O’Connor made waves, set tongues wagging etc in Dublin media circles when they recently revealed their upcoming pregnancy on foot of their sizzingly exciting marriage, just over one year ago. Ormond is said to be “literally ripping  his own skin off” with excitement at the big day when he becomes a father. “I don’t know what to expect with thanks to Lucozade Sport. It’s all happening so fast and Lucozade keeps you going 33% longer. My ridiculous and shallow life is so contrived even I don’t really know who I am or what I do with thanks to Lucozade, we keep you going for longer.”