Break-in at Castlerea Prison

Two men have broken into Castlerea open prison and installed themselves as inmates overnight. The break-in happened at 4am yesterday morning when the men entered through an open fire escape at the back of the building, accidentally left open by two escaped Romanian prisoners. The escapees had left a note saying they were not going to return in the prison gift shop and said quick goodbyes to all their friends before their daring escape out the back door and through a gap in the hedge behind the prison bouncy castle that leads to the town’s main street.

No starbucks loyalty card as of yet

The new detainees are being held in a maximum security cinema area of the prison and are so far not allowed to make use of facilities such as bumper cars or the buffet but provisions have been put in place by staff for the men to eat from the McDonalds or Burger King on site and to get a coffee in Starbucks afterwards. The prison warden stated via email that “as of yet though we are absolutely not allowing these criminals any loyalty card priveleges, at least until legal investigation has been staistfied. One of them has togs though so he can use the water park outside after dinner if he wishes.”

The new prisoners are said to be “comfortable” in their surroundings and are awaiting legal proceedings to decide their fate. Should they be convicted of breaking into the prison they face a maximum of up to 18 months inside.