52% of Twitter users think Thatcher was a Game of Thrones character

The passing of former UK prime minister Margaret Thatcher has sparked a storm of ignorance on the popular social media website Twitter as over 1.1m tweets have appeared containing the hashtag #thatcherisdead with alarmingly unlearned content. Many posts featured nonsensical, grammatically compromised and enormously misinformed wording relating to events and elements from Thatcher’s controversial 1980’s reign, such as the IRA & Northern Ireland, the Falklands war and the rise of the yuppie.

“Thatcher u was a fule” writes roodbwa1995 on his Facebook page “an you shudna never f**ed wit da PPL of IRELIND! Wereer u r, rot in hell EIRA 32 tiochaig ar lá”

However, of most pressing note was the news that 52% of comments featuring Thatcher were concerned with how the news would affect the storyline in the new series of popular TV show Game of Thrones. “OMG thatcher is ded woz he the lush fella with the sexy beard on GOT?” tweets Sandra Dullard from Monoghan. “R they a showin repeet of GOT #thatcherisdead” queried Honda_boy69 from Hull, with a number of even stupider replies from his cohort of  aquaintances, one postulating that the Thatcher character may come back as a zombie from the future with a laser sword and x-ray-specs-type helmet

“ya dat wud be awesum” commented @thugplaya_1994.

Worryingly, the comments displayed a clear inability to follow the show’s plot comprehensively, with the show’s writers now so alarmed that the fourth season is going through a total script overhaul to reflect the lower IQ of the target viewers.

"wiych one was tchacter?" etc etc

“Did Lord Snow go into jayle cos of Thatcha? HAPPY UR DED. Hes sum ride” tweeted Lucinda Pyuke or Leamington Spa, UK.

“Did tacther have the ring or smting? LUV GAME OF TRONES~~:)~~” Tweeted another confused viewer.

However there is much disorientation among a further 13% of Twitter users, who did not refer to Game of Thrones but still appeared equally baffled by the heavily trending news item. “Many of the tweets we are seeing seem to have confused Thatcher with a number of other individuals, including Dame Judi Dench and Helen Mirren” says Twitter spokeswoman Leah Outspan. “We also saw a worryingly large amount of tweets asking if Thatcher was dead could you still do the dougie, presumably meaning that these people thought that she was a type of passé dance made popular in a music video or something” she added.

“I mean how do you stop doing a dance if it didn’t exist in the first place?” she asked, confoundedly.

“I dunno, but in my opinion, that’s pretty stupid” she said.