Donegal Senator turns back on “cyber-cowards”

A number of papers reported today that cyber-bullies behind a vicious intimidation campaign against a Labour senator have forced him to quit social media sites in disgust.

Donegal Senator Jimmy Harte (54) said he had been forced to close his Facebook and Twitter accounts after his address was posted on an internet site by a cyber bully, or “Cybully”

He is now planning to set up his own website where he can screen and control the online bullies. And post his fascinating tweets, such as “come on the U14’s #minor champshp“.

A Cyber-Bully emitting a laser, yesterday

“I’ve had enough,” said the Donegal politician. “I think social media has so many advantages if it is used for the good, but I just see more and more negative uses for it and that’s why I’ve decided to close down my popular accounts.”

Mr Harte branded those behind the threats as “cyber-cowards” and revealed the spine-chilling details of the latest threat to Irish childrens’ welfare.

“Cyber Bullying is a terrifying new reality with a grimly efficient structure of tyranny.” claimed Harte. “From what I have read, the cyber-bullies on the ground work directly to a remit from the Bullymaster, who in turn kicks up to a Troll Gatekeeper who oversees the bullying regime” he continued.

“They work in shifts, trying to discredit people like senators and other people. Calling them eejits, saying they sexually contact dolphins and other derogatory things like that”

“I don’t know assClOwN85@gmail but if I ever find out who he is, he’ll certainly never work in a bank in Donegal or get on any county councils that I’m involved in, that’s for sure”, he said, angrily.

“If someone wants to express a view or have a debate with me, they should just pick up the phone or come and see me and we can discuss it like adults”, he added, fair-enoughly.

Mr Harte said he had spoken to other politicians who, he said, were also considering quitting their online presence.

“This is a serious issue and I think the area of anonymity when posting has to be looked at,” he said. “But obviously the idea of me actually being able to do anything about it is comical in the extreme.”

Mr Harte said he was setting up a new website for use as his online presence at However, commentators feared that this site could allow and encourage users to steal pictures of his face to mess with in photoshop, making his eyes all mental looking and his mouth all big.



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