The Codologist is written by me, Barrytron. If you like this, why not have a look at Magic Tramp (it’s basically the same thing) or some of my cartoons.
I’m not really up for taking submissions for The Codologist but I am for Magic Tramp if that interests you. Send them to the mail below of do a Facebook or mail me a twitter etc I don’t care.


The Codologist is a satirical pile of puerile nonsense that is intended to be read for entertainment purposes only. Stories included are, although often inspired by the sad truth, entirely fabricated and to be enjoyed only as the lampooning of well-known Irish people and institutions by a bitter and easily-irritated keyboard jockey. Hey, Conan O’Brien can do it. And most people love him, especially now that he has a beard. And he’s so tall. Maybe that’s why he gets away with it? Anyway.

So, should you be offended or otherwise incensed by any material published on this site, please do not hesitate to pump a steaming email into the inbox at the address at the bottom of the page and said material will be revised or at least laughed at again.