Court Report


Irish Courts

Cork District Court

Man Urinated on Cat
A Carrigaline man was fined €40 and asked to 20 hours of community service for repeatedly urinating on a neighbour’s cat from an upstairs window.
The man pleaded no contest and apologised through his solicitor Frank Buttimer who told the court that his client was under a lot of stress at work and that he only urinated onto cats “for kicks”.

Man Urinated on Crackers
A man with 964 previous convictions was remanded on bail for vandalising the place of business of his partner’s employer. Darren Fleahead (28) from Scumworth Villas, The Glen is accused of kicking-in the door of a Chinese take-away and urinating into the flash-fryer and also onto a large gross of past-date prawn crackers. The man said he was ‘very sorry’ and that he had ‘no remorse’.

Milkman Urinated on Cats
A Cork City milkman was fined €300 for indecent exposure and professional misconduct following CCTV footage showing the man drunkenly urinating from his milk float onto passing cats in the early morning hours of Friday Jan 18th 2013. Counsel for the defense Frank Buttimer told the judge that the man needed his job in order to pay bills and other expenses arising from life

Dublin District Court

Woman abuses Garda
A 26 year-old woman from Dublin 8 appeared in court charged with stealing 16 hooded tops from Penny’s Clothing Store on O’Connell street on Feb 2nd of this year. Garda Caroline Ní Butthole told the court “the woman was all fat and big because she had 16 hoodies on. I approached her and asked her if she had stolen them. She replied that she had found them in my arse and subsequently used a phrase to the effect that I should kill myself very instantly“.
The trial continues

Man kills 12 dolphins
A man was fined €200 for disposing of 1600 litres of white house paint and paint thinners at the dolphin enclosure at Dublin zoo. Daniel Christflake (44) of Wicklow poured the waste liquid into the dolphin’s tank using a pump from his van which he had parked outside. Frank Buttimer (defending) said the man was under a lot of stress at his job and that he “felt there was no other option” other than pouring the toxic paint into the dolphins and clogging up their blowholes.

Drunk man fined
A Dublin corporation worker was fined €50 for drunk and disorderly and for defacing a Carphone Warehouse outlet in Dublin’s Jervis St shopping center on January 16th last. Kevin O’Longhead (39) scrawled the words “ass buttock flange” on the window of the store using a permanent parker and subsequently got his arm caught in a bin before being arrested by Gardaí. Frank Buttimer (defending) said the man was very stressed from being out of work.